“How can I stop my cat sneezing and runny nose ?”

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“How can I stop my cat sneezing and runny nose? I feel so badly for her. I want to get her better, but a trip to the vet could cost a couple of hundred or more, and it is not guaranteed to work. And I always hate putting her in the cat carrier, and her hiding from me and feeling upset like she can’t trust me when we get back. I desperately want to stop my cats sneezing and coughing. Is there anything you can recommend that won’t break the bank, and isn’t full of chemicals that may have some side-effect?

Audrey, New York

That email is like so many I get from concerned pet owners. Cats sneezing and coughing, cat sneezing and runny nose, cat sneezing cold and sneezing in cat – those are the terms I see in emails a lot. These symptoms are more common in cats than most people think, and can actually be treated using natural, healthy remedies with no man-made chemicals.

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If you have cats sneezing and coughing, or need to stop your cat sneezing and runny nose, you need to act quickly. Left untreated, the cause of these symptoms can lead to pneumonia, and even death.

Cats can not breath through their mouths like humans, and need their nasal passages free of obstruction. Try this; block up one of your nostrils, and close your mouth. Now try breathing for a half a minute or so. Now imagine having to breathe like this 24/7. Now you know what your cat is going through.

If you are reading this, you have been looking for an effective, low-cost, chemical-free answer to your cats sneezing and coughing, or cat sneezing and runny nose. There are several things that exist in nature that have been used for centuries to effectively cure humans and animals alike that have upper respiratory problems and allergies.

I adopted a cat(my roommate moved out and left her with me!) a couple of years ago that sneezed constantly, in any season, day or night. My ex-roomie told me over the phone that she had been sneezing for years! He said he had just gotten used to his cats sneezing and coughing.(I felt like clobbering him!) I changed her diet, took her to a vet(cost over $600 in two weeks and my cat hated me), and she had no change.

Desperate for an answer, I can be mule-headed sometimes, I started looking on the internet. Eventually, I came across a company that sells ONLY ALL NATURAL HOMEOPATHIC medicines and cures for pets. I found a great product through a search for “cat sneezing and runny nose” on their site, read some testimonials, and decided to take a chance. I crossed my fingers, ordered a Natural Cat Sneezing Cure, and watched the mail box.

When it came three days later, I was shaking with anticipation as I opened it. A couple of drops on Shorty’s tongue, and that was it. No cat carrier, no distrust from her after we returned from the vet, no needles, no taking a day off from work to find the time to take her, and about the cost of a night out(who wouldn’t give up one night out for their feline friend?) – it was beautiful. After about three weeks, I started to notice an improvement. No more cat sneezing and runny nose!

I don’t know if it will work for you, but as someone who has literally tried everything to stop cat sneezing and runny nose, I strongly urge you to give it a shot, if you want to stop a cats sneezing and coughing. Oh, Shorty McGee said to say, “Meowww” to your kitty for her.

Felicity Franklin
Pet Owner and Friend for 40 Years
Jacksonville, Florida

I only recommend THIS SITE for all your natural pet care needs.

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