Cat Sneezing and Runny Nose Problems?

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Do you have cats sneezing and runny nose problems?

By Felicity Franklin

If you have cats sneezing and runny nose problems, it can come from a host of reasons. Your little feline companion loves to stick his nose in every little crevice and crook, and can get his nasal passages blocked. Viruses also play a big part in making your cat sneeze. With cats sneezing and runny nose issues, you feel his pain and discomfort every time he wheezes, coughs or sneezes. When a cat sneezes frequently, this behavior can be accompanied by nasal discharge and runny eyes. Whether caused by viral infection or nasal blockage, untreated, the condition can worsen and lead to more extreme disease.

Sure, you can fight your cat into a pet carrier, make an appointment with the vet, and watch in misery as your cat is pricked and prodded, x-rayed and man-handled, all the while seeing the mistrust and pain in her eyes. You can almost hear her thinking, “Why are you doing this to me? I love you. I trusted you!” Aside from the mental stress and emotional wreckage levied on you and your cat, there is the vet’s bill, which can easily run several hundred dollars. I know, I spent $600 in two weeks trying to cure my cats sneezing and runny nose, to no avail.

I eventually found a company specializing in natural, homeopathic cures and remedies for pets. For a fraction of the cost of a vet, I was able to stop my cat sneezing constantly. If your cat sneezes frequently, maybe you would benefit from this natural cure as well. Especially when dealing with young kittens, older cats and pregnant queens, using regular vaccines can be scary, even deadly. Their immune system is weak, and this makes them susceptible to strong medicines. Natural, non-chemical remedies have been proven to be extremely effective for curing these cats with weaker immune systems without putting them at risk from normal vaccines.

With cats sneezing and runny nose, you need help. Your cat can not drive to the drug store and fix himself, so reach out to him. If you have a cat sneezing constantly and he has a runny nose, he may benefit from a natural, holistic remedy. I was in the same boat you are in and I know it worked for Shorty McGee, my 8 year old tortoiseshell, and my pocketbook! She is living proof of the effectiveness of natural, homeopathic remedies for pets.

You love your pet and want only the safest, most effective natural remedies. Read testimonials from happy pet owners at if you have cats sneezing and runny nose problems.

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